The Best Car Accident and Workers Compensation Attorney in Charlotte


We all go through life without worries of anything happening to us. We feel secure, and most of the time we don’t put into account about anything that might happen to us. The only time we take into account any of these probabilities is when they happen to us or when we witness them happening.

Auto accidents are life altering events that leave you at a disadvantage. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, more than 30,000 people die annually from car accidents. Over two million people suffer great injuries from these accidents. Around 500 pedestrians die every year from these accidents. Over 3000 sustain serious injuries.

These numbers should show you how serious auto accidents are to our lives. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries from a car accident, get in touch with charlotte workers compensation lawyer today.

The workplace also possesses a significant danger to our well-being. Many workplace injuries have been seen to emanate from negligent actions of other employees. Some employers have also been found guilty of negligence that resulted in other people’s injuries. A good example would be when an employer fails to request the repair of worn-out electric wires that are dangerous to the well-being of the workers. If the employer was aware of such a condition and did nothing to rectify it, and someone got injured in the process, the employer is held responsible for the damages to the victim.

Sexual harassment has also been another case on the rise. Over the years, there have been many female workers who report such cases. The perpetrators are usually men who hold high official positions. The abuse of power has led many of them to request sexual favors from their female workers. Some women, however, have decided to be quiet as they fear to be shamed or to lose their jobs.

Wrongful termination also remains a constant threat to many people’s job security. Some organizations have taken a habit of laying off their workers without giving them notice and ample time to prepare.

If you or your loved one has suffered any of the above, you can rectify this mistake by getting in touch with Dr Ted Greve. He is the Charlotte personal injury attorney and a car accident lawyer. He has been helping his clients over the years and has enabled them to recover financial compensations for their damages. Get in touch with him today.


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